Dump truck Bodies

A complete line of high-quality metal bodies focused on fuel efficiency and vehicle durability.

Metal Fences

A complete high-quality privacy metal panel fence solution for both residential and commercial applications.

Roll-off Containers

A complete line of high-quality metal bodies that can handle all of your project’s debris.

Metal Tubes and Pipes

A complete line of high-quality products for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


Check our objectives


We continuously measure and automate every applicable process to maintain the highest quality level of our current and future product lines.


We are very concerned with keeping a green planet and are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment. We only use the most advanced environmentally friendly products and recycle all discarded materials such as steel, wood, paper, and plastic. We strive to make every decision comply with general environmental principles.

Our Focus

Our focus is to listen to our customers, preserve excellence in manufacturing processes, and adapt as quickly as possible to market changes only using the best materials and technology. We are committed to our associates' continuous training and development by enabling opportunities for growth within the company and in their personal life. We hope to have you as a customer and friend on this journey for a long time to come.

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